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Krak Chocolate - Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 2021 70% comes from Kokoa Kamili - a cocoa cooperative based in Tanzania, dedicated to producing high-quality, ethically sourced cocoa beans. Founded in 2012, the cooperative operates in the Kilombero Valley, an area renowned for its rich biodiversity and ideal climate for cocoa cultivation.


Kokoa Kamili focuses on empowering local farmers by providing training on sustainable farming practices, fermentation techniques, and post-harvest processing. By working closely with the farming communities, the cooperative aims to improve the overall quality of Tanzanian cocoa and elevate the livelihoods of the farmers.

Is your order a gift? Include a hand-written card to go with it. 

Weight: 80 gram.

Krak Chocolate - Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 2021 70%

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