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Krak Colombia Sierra Nevada – Melk Chocolate 55% is the 2021 winner of The Golden Bean award from The Academy of Chocolate!

Krak Chocolate is renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional chocolate experiences, and the Colombia Sierra Nevada Melk Chocolate 55% is no exception. This particular chocolate is a testament to Krak's dedication to sourcing high-quality cocoa beans and creating unique flavor profiles.


Sourced from the Sierra Nevada region in Colombia, the cocoa beans used in this chocolate bar capture the essence of the terroir, reflecting the diverse climate and fertile soil of the area. The "Milk Chocolate" signifies a milk chocolate variant, featuring a 55% cocoa content, offering a balanced combination of cocoa richness and the creamy sweetness of milk.


Is your order it a gift? Include a hand-written card with your order. You choose what gets written on it!

Weight: 80 gram.

Krak Chocolate Colombia Sierra Nevada – Melk Chocolate 55%

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