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A contrasty black and white photo featuring one Carambole chocolate bonbon

Philosophy of Carambole

Welcome to the world of Carambole: a delicate and challenging game of flavour, design and texture. 

A set of elaborate colorful chocolate bonbons


For me a praline is more than dessert. I love to make a little spectacle out of each Carambole. They are designed as carefully as jewellery. Each flavour is an explosion! Combinations are punchy , provocative, and totally experimental - prepared to be surprised! Sugar? As little as humanly possible. Flavour? As much as imaginable!

Craft chocolate

I wanted to make something really unique and that starts with the right ingredients. Caramboles are made exclusively from leading bean - to - bar chocolate from around the world (Krak, Kakao Bolaget, The Chocolate Tree, Original Beans, Hoja Verde etc.) The chocolate I use is produced in small batches and seasonally limited. In my collection there are more than 25 different couvertures. Up to 4 different couvertures in one single bonbon?  Yes, that's Carambole style!

A cocoa fruit broken into two halves by hand
Black and white photo featuring white spheric objects on a black background

Carambole is a journey from the tree to your plate

Carambole chocolate bonbon in green color is on the table, with green leaves around it


Craft chocolate industry means: direct trade, supply chain transparency, good income for the farmers and respect for nature. All the production steps are meaningful to the flavour of the final product - the harvesting, the fermentation, the drying. The same goes for the work of the chocolate makers: roasting, grinding and blending. Using only bean-to-bar chocolate from different producers around the globe is not only my unique artistic concept, but is due to my respect for the environment and the people working in chocolate. This is also ingrained in our packaging — no plastic allowed


Once I am set on a couverture, I carefully chose spirits, well-sourced spices, nuts and fruit to give the bonbon the right texture. Organic products are always my preference. Polishing moulds, hand painting with different designs, preparing the delicately thin chocolate shell, marrying the flavours and layering them, as well as giving them time to develop and integrate with one another is all part of the process. Then, after 2 days, they are finally sealed.

a set of 4 Carambole chocolate bonbons cut through the middle with the filling visible, propped up against a green and white background
A hand holding a big white chocolate bonbon with a pansy petal decor on top

Time to enjoy!

And having done all of that, what I love the most about Caramboles: they are delicious and will disappear quickly. So that I can invent some more! Now time is on your side! 

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