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I stayed in Amsterdam and started to share my knowledge with others, hosting tastings, workshops and performances centered around chocolate. I opened my own atelier called “Carambole” and participated in chocolate festivals, art and design exhibition with my creations. In doing so, I won gold, silver and bronze medals from the Academy of Chocolate Awards London in 2020.


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My name is Rita


I was born in Moscow and moved to Berlin when I was young. I have been working at the theater and in fine arts for about 20 years. I always adored nature and fine food. One day it became apparent to me that I could use the lense of my art background to look at food. I then, became a professional pastry maker and decided to focus on chocolate and bonbon making.

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Real craft chocolate is a material with tremendous artistic potential. Its flavour profile is endlessly varied, its story begins in the heights of the cacao tree and ends in a smile. I love to inspire people by telling the story of this amazing industry and my work as an artist. Come and visit me at my workshop! I love having guests!