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The head creator of Carambole Chocolate Bonbons, Rita, is portrayed on the photo

My name is Rita

I was born in Moscow, moving to Berlin in my twenties. Before chocolate, I worked in the theater and fine arts for almost 20 years, I always adored nature and fine food. One day it became apparent to me that I could use the lens of my art background to look at food. I then, became a professional pastry maker focusing on chocolate and bonbon making.

Opening Carambole

I stayed in Amsterdam and started to share my knowledge with others, hosting tastings, workshops and performances centred around chocolate. I opened my own atelier called “Carambole” and participated in chocolate festivals, art and design exhibitions with my creations. I taught practical chocolate at the Cacaomuseum Amsterdam. In 2020 I won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards from the Academy of Chocolate in London. In 2021 I moved my atelier to Amersfoort and now I give master classes there in addition to Amsterdam. In 2021 I won 3 gold awards from the Academy of chocolate Awards in London, as well as the most prestigious trophy of the year for bonbon makers – the  Golden bonbon!

The head creator of Carambole chocolate bonbons, Rita, is posing in front of hundreds of chocolate bonbons she created

Award-winning chocolate

Copy of Carambole_awards_section.png
The head creator of Carambole chocolate bonbons, Rita, is standing in the kitchen, looking into a book about chocolate

Passion for craft chocolate

Real craft chocolate is a material with tremendous artistic potential. Its flavour profile is endlessly varied, its story begins in the heights of the cacao tree and ends in a smile. I love to inspire people by telling the story of this amazing industry and my work as an artist. Book a workshop and I will share my passion with you!

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