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Honey, herbal tea, bee pollen; chocolate: Hoja Verde 100% , Krak Tanzania 70%

Asian mix

Soy sauce, yuzu, chocolate: Original beans Edel Weiss 40%, Krak Vietnam 70%, Krak Colombia milk 55%


Ras el Hanout, salty caramel, Tasmanian pepper crumble, Hoja Verde 66% chocolate

Haagse hopje

Coffee caramel, Hoja Verde 66% chocolate

Green pumpkin beanie

Pear reduction, pumpkin seed oil, tonka, nutmeg; chocolate: Hoja Verde 50% milk, Original beans white

Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry, strawberry, kaffir lime, coconut; chocolate: Hoja Verde 58%, Valrhona strawberry

Vegan passion decadence

Passion fruit, Madagascar vanilla, hazelnut praline, lemon, Hoja Verde 58% chocolate

Vélez coffee

Vélez coffee, black sesame, tahini, almond praliné, Hoja Verde 80% chocolate, coconut

Smoky rose

Rose, grapefruit; chocolate: caramelized Original beans white 40%, Hoja verde 72%, Krak smoked PNG 70%

“Dze” Georgien

Pommegranat, khmeli- suneli, wallnuts, salt, Krak Colombia Sierra Nevada 55%

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