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You know savoury bonbons are Rita's favourite creations. After all, buffoonery, courage, a touch of humour and extravagance are what keeps Carambole in motion. 


If you are a quirky connoisseur yourself, or know a chocolate lover who would forgive you for this elegant mischief, surprise them with Carambole's Umami Bomb box. This box is a one-time edition, and it's expected to be shipped on March 26th. 


The set of 5 umami flavours to thrill your friend (or yourself!): the award-winning Wabi Sabi with tuna and pistachios, smoky Noskos Barbeque to create anticipation for the grilling season, crunchy Patty Bonbon with a nod to Paris and Tokyo and a couple more flavours including a surprise one. 


Are they delicious you ask? You bet! And the Academy of Chocolate agrees.

10 bonbons, 5 flavours

Umami Bomb Chocolate Box (10 bonbons, 5 flavours)

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