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Chocolate as experience

Birthday party, wedding, bridal shower,  baby shower, team building or  a family celebration?  Carambole can do it all! From entertaining a big company team with a hands-on chocolate workshop, to catering to a bridal shower with a huge selection of delicious chocolate bonbons, to preparing little chocolate presents to your party guests... No ask is too big — just send me a request!

Rita, the owner of Carambole chocolate bonbons, is performing a corporate event with chocolate tasting

Corporate events

I know how challenging it can be to come up with a fun idea for a corporate event! Everyone likes different things, the budgets are not flexible enough, etc. etc. But there's one thing most people like -— chocolate! This makes my events perfect for you — I will create a custom event based on your needs and your team will spend some quality time together while exploring the universe of craft chocolate.

There is no group too big or too small for me!

I can entertain the guests with a chocolate tasting or "make-your-own-chocolate" masterclass

I can provide chocolate bonbons with custom design and filling to match your brand's identity

No time left to organize a custom event? No worries — check out my ready made workshops for your event

I can prepare chocolate presents for the team and matching packaging to your brand's identity

Rita, the owner of Carambole chocolate bonbons, is standing next to tablets filled with chocolate bonbons she created

Private events

A bridal shower, a baby shower, a family anniversary, a birthday party or a small intimate evening for two — there are so many happy occasions to celebrate! And chocolate is the great product to celebrate with: it is universally liked, it is personal, it can tell a story, it is extremely versatile!

How about a huge tray of colourful delicious chocolate bonbons with a dozen of flavours instead of a traditional cake?

Individual approach to each private event, making sure it creates wonderful memories

Customizing chocolate bonbons' design and filling to your event's concept and design

Catering with chocolate bonbons and drinks, pairing the drinks with the chocolate

a big selection of shiny Carambole chocolate bonbons in golden, purple, red and blue colors

Chocolate catering and decoration

Sometimes you need to add a special touch of class to your event and give it a unique entourage. Inviting Carambole for the job means you get a product of outstanding quality and highly customisable. 

Catering with chocolate that can be adapted by taste, flavour, design

Welcome presents for your guests in custom-made packaging that reflects your event's concept

How about an extraordinary chocolate bonbon display instead of a traditional wedding cake?

We can pair the drinks that you chose for your event and offer the best-fitting chocolate for it

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