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Hojicha is a traditional Japanese green tea that undergoes a special roasting process. The tea leaves are roasted at a high temperature, which imparts a distinct reddish-brown color to the leaves and creates a unique flavor profile. The roasting process reduces the tea's caffeine content and gives it a toasty, caramelized taste with notes of malt and a comforting aroma. 

This Japanese style chocolate lets you indulge in our uniquely crafted white chocolate, featuring notes of roasted tea, malt, hay, grass, and honey. Inspired by the centuries-old Japanese tradition of Hojicha, this chocolate boasts a fine aroma and a subtle sweetness. 

Is your order it a gift? Include a hand-written card with your order. You choose what gets written on it!

Weight: 80 gram.

Hojicha — White chocolate with Hojicha, roasted green tea

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