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Cacao fruit pulp, often called "baba," wraps around the fresh cacao bean, crucial for the initial fermentation in making chocolate. This ingredient is quite rare, as only a few companies manage to extract it in small amounts, allowing proper fermentation.


Genevieve from Chocomotions has been playing around with cacao fruit pulp for a few years now. It's a tasty mix of fruity and tart flavors, sweetness, and a bit of zing. She whips up small batches of these buttery caramels, starring the "Baba" itself. They're sweet like honey, smooth as silk, and burst with fruity tang and creamy softness. Hence the name: the Babamels!

Ingredients: Cacao fruit pulp, organic cane sugar, organic cream, organic honey, and organic butter.

The package contains 4 babamels

BABAMELS: Cacao Fruit Pulp Caramels (4 pcs)

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