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What if I said that you could savour both the excellent bonbons and the stand they are served on?


Now you can! The concept that won the Gold Award at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2020 has finally come to life!

These award-winning chocolate bonbons are served on an edible stand that is made of excellent bean-to-bar chocolate from Krak—less waste, more pleasure!


The bonbons are twice the size and the weight of regular Carambole bonbons which makes them great as a dessert.


You have 2 options to choose from:

- Stand made of dark chocolate from Krak Mexico Don Moisés 70% nano batch, OP=OP!

- Stand made of white Krak chocolate with hibiscus and vanilla


Bonbon flavours included:


- Green Pumpkin Beanie: Pear reduction, pumpkin seed oil, tonka, nutmeg; chocolate: Hoja Verde 50% milk, Original beans white

- Extremely Vanilla: Vanilla, almonds, soy salt, olive oil, Betulia B9 nibs, Krak Colombia B9 70%
- Vélez Coffee: Vélez coffee, black sesame, tahini, almond praliné, Hoja Verde 80% chocolate, coconut

- Noordermarkt: Apple Tart - caramel apple, pie crust , cinnamon, apple, Krak Madagascar 70%


Total net weight: 152 gram
Stand size: 118x118mm


Out-Of-The-Box Box—Chocolate Bonbons on Edible Stand

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