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How to create an exciting business game by using chocolate

Updated: Feb 29

How to make a business game feel and look like a fun team event? It's simple really—you should use great chocolate😉 And for that you should ask Carambole!

We did a bombastic workshop together with WeTransfer back in 2019! I am sure most of you know this name because almost everyone at some point had to move a very large file around.

What is a business game?

If you need to understand better what a business case competition is, imagine a business game where teams dive headfirst into real-world business problems. They are armed with nothing but their professional knowledge, experience, a drive to win and, given the nature of the prize, a lot of love for craft chocolate. The clock is ticking as the teams work to create a winning strategy that could make a significant impact. It's like being a business strategist, working to bring a company to the next level and you only have about 6 hours to do that. Exciting and challenging for sure!

How to create a business game a team is excited about?

This workshop had an innovative concept because it was created at the intersection of a fun game and a business case competition. On the one hand, it had all the elements of a fun company outing: a cool venue, mingling with your colleagues and having fun together, lots of drinks and delicious chocolate; but on the other hand it was also a real business situation where expertise, collaboration, creative thinking and presentation skills came in handy. Competing that day was worth it because, of course, there was a prize - a whole 1 kilogram of the highest quality craft chocolate from Krak!

There were 5 teams with 10 people in each team that received a task that was of course about chocolate. The task in such a competition could sound something like: "Bring a chocolate brand's revenue to new heights by coming up with a concept of a new chocolate which would make chocolate enthusiasts buy it". So the teams set off to create a concept for a new chocolate, and it was quite a challenge: how to come up with a custom taste, an attractive packaging and an idea that would resonate with the judges and beat other teams' ideas and execution?

First and foremost, all the team should be made of team members with various skill sets. A team member from the Design department would then be in charge of packaging, and a team member from the Marketing department would have the edge in crafting a market strategy… you get the gist. Then great collaboration and teamwork comes into play! And this is what would make this event great for the teams, it brings the people together in a way different from their everyday work: it creates new connections, it boosts creativity and inter departmental connections, and after all - it is just a lot of fun!

I am not gonna oversell if I said It was great! You could feel the buzz of creativity, it filled the room and from it a bunch of very cool ideas were born. Everyone was invested into getting their team to win, great projects were presented at the end.

And the best part is, you can ask me to prepare this workshop for your team, so you could experience it first-hand!

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