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Umami Chocolate Bonbons—A Must-Try For Foodies

Updated: Mar 18

Umami is a very special taste: it is often described as "savoury", but it does not give the taste enough justice. It lends the food that very kick without which the food feels plainer and less exciting. Some foods are richer in umami than the others—tomatoes, cheeses, shellfish, for instance, have a strong umami.

Bonbons in the shape of tiny saltshakers—a great "Umami inside!"sign

Let's be honest—would you expect to encounter umami in chocolate bonbons? I thought you wouldn't! That's why it was so enticing for Carambole to come up with flavours that have the punch of umami flavour, but to keep it an elegant chocolate miniature. After all, Carambole wouldn't be itself without challenging a stereotype every other day 😎

What's a signature style of Carambole? Creating an out-of-the-box product, cheeky yet always elegant. Having one savoury bonbon in the whole set of 10 as we normally do is out-of-the-box, but this time we created the whole set of just umami flavours!

Is it a mischief? Yes! Totally worth it if we can make foodies and adventurous chocolate enthusiasts happy? Absolutely!

Yet, even in the most original performance, the timing is key! So we thought… Buffoonery, courage, a touch of humour and extravagance are what keeps Carambole in motion. On the first day of April—the day of foolishness and laughter—we are celebrating in style and bringing our Umami Bomb Box to life!

The eclectic match of sweet and umami creates an explosion of flavour, and its playful nature is the perfect fit with the vibe of the day.

Are they delicious you ask? You bet! And the Academy of Chocolate agrees.

Wabi Sabi, with tuna and pistachios—one of the savoury bonbons in the set

We are offering these 5 quirky flavours in the set:

  • Wabi Sabi with tuna and pistachios;

  • Smoky Noskos Barbeque to create anticipation for the grilling season;

  • Tomato-Tomayto with a touch of garlic and saffron;

  • Patty bonbon with a nod to Paris and Tokyo;

  • And a surprise new flavour, that is developed especially for this occasion.

If you are an adventurous connoisseur yourself, or know a chocolate lover who would forgive you for this elegant mischief, surprise them with our new umami bonbon box!

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