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Chocoa 2024 Premiere: Bonbons On An Edible Stand

This set of 4 dessert-sized bonbons sits on the edible stand made of KRAK white chocolate with hibiscus and vanilla

Chocoa 2024 is over and it was a big success! Carambole turned quite a few heads, and an important factor was us introducing our premiere—dessert-sized bonbons on an edible stand!

About 5 years ago I was puzzling over packaging options for Carambole. Plastic alternatives were definitely not fitting Carambole's brand philosophy—we're dealing with high-quality chocolate and it carries a big mission!

At some point I thought, 'Damn it, chocolate is such a flexible material fit to create a sculpture, we need to use this!'

Off the record: I think, in general, the best packaging is what nature created for a banana—ergonomic, natural, sustainable and effortlessly recyclable.

Inspired by it, I came up with the edible chocolate tray idea: you could enjoy the bonbons in the evening and eat the tray in the morning, you know—when you are sad the bonbons are gone 🙂

In 2020 my edible packaging design won Gold in "Brand Experience" category at the Academy of Chocolate Awards

In 2020 I created this tray and together with bonbons sent it to the AoC Awards, winning gold in the 'Brand Experience' category. And finally, 4 years later, we put this idea into production. Need I say the production process turned out to be as creative as the idea itself?

At first, we hoped to take the easy route and printed 3D forms based on which we made plastic moulds. However, the 3D forms couldn't handle the heat (literally), and it was clear that a more resilient option was needed for the 'stencil'. We took the 3D forms to have silicone moulds made based on the 3D moulds. Then plaster was poured into the silicone, giving us a heat-resistant stencil with a surface that allows creative finish. Finally, we made excellent plastic moulds based on the plaster ones and handed them over to Mark from KRAK, who cast chocolate trays from his limited edition Mexico chocolate for the exhibition.

This set of 4 dessert-sized bonbons sits on the edible stand made of KRAK Mexico nano-batch

What do you think, is our idea cool? Would you like to see them in our webshop permanently? Please give your vote or comment. You know we are fans of direct and constructive feedback.

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