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The Ultimate Guide to Tea and Chocolate Pairing

Updated: Feb 29

Ironware teapot and two green cup filled with tea; chocolate bar broken into pieces lying on a surface dusted with cocoa powder

Could you enhance the taste of chocolate by having it with tea? Or even— should you have chocolate together with tea or is it better to taste each of them separately?

Done right, this combination could let you discover the previously hidden nuances of each product's texture and flavour and add a new dimension to the taste journey.

I promise it's not a special sacred knowledge that only tea or chocolate connoisseurs could make use of. When I was busy pairing the excellent teas provided by Moychay Tea Culture Club and craft chocolate for our Chocolate and Tea Pairings Gift Set, I had to kind of create my own rules! There are no rigid rules on how to do the pairing.

It is an individual exploration and research, seeking not just a simple balance but an astonishing marriage—poetry, chemistry—that arises from the combination of two textures, temperatures, and flavours unique to these individual products.

Of course, you won't be left hanging—us at Carambole Chocolate and Moychay prepared a detailed tea and chocolate pairing guide so you could have a clear set of steps to follow. But remember—it's just a recommended tasting method, one of many; what's important is that you listen to your own sensations, do whatever lets YOU enjoy the process more!

To put it simply, your pairing experience would consist of 3 steps:

  • Taste the chocolate

  • Taste the tea

  • Taste the tea and chocolate together and notice the difference

Tasting the chocolate

Don’t let chocolate become a simple dessert. Instead, try it on an empty stomach, use lots of warm water to refresh your taste, and do not pursue quantity too zealously. Focus rather on the beauty of the ephemeral journey that awaits you. Dazzling, unique tastes await you, and it is important not to overwhelm your system, but to approach each new chocolate with a blank slate.

Chocolate tasting guide

First you will find a symphony of tastes,then—an elaborate train of sensations and aftertastes. Think about what nuances you felt, and in which order. Not only the aroma but also the texture affects the taste of chocolate. One texture is more buttery and quickly disappears in your mouth. Another, firmer one, will linger longer on the tongue. Each bar is a special story with a special melody.

From cocoa fruit to cocoa bean to chocolate pieces to a chocolate bar

Tasting the tea

There might be no rigid rules on how to do the pairing, but there are some requirements about the quality of ingredients. Here is one of them—opt for high-quality loose-leaf tea instead of teabags. This shift would come with plenty of advantages, ranging from enhanced flavour and environmental consciousness to a wider variety and cost efficiency.

Tea tasting guide

The final step of tea and chocolate pairing guide—tasting them together

Chocolate and tea tasting guide

P.S. Remember, you're encouraged to approach the tasting creatively and experiment with the order, speed, and sensations. Share your experiences with us—we'd love to hear about your discoveries!

Have a wonderful tea time!

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