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This Chocolate and Tea Pairings Gift Set offers 6 types of unique teas and  6 types of rare and special bean to bar chocolate from around the globe expertly paired for you by two passionate professionals—Rita, the force behind Carambole Chocolate and Sergey—tea aficionado and the founder of the Moychay Tea Culture Club.

When exploring this set you will discover the nuances of each product's texture, aroma, intensity and flavour. They can enhance the taste journey and reveal new flavours, turning the whole experience into a true symphony of taste.

In this gift set, you will find:

- Crystal White
A great choice to refresh the mind and energize the body. Made in Nannoushan, Menghai County, harvested in spring 2022. The aroma is restrained, floral-herbaceous.

- Cozy Evening Herbal Tea
Cozy Evening is the perfect caffeine-free tea, ideal for having a moment of tranquillity throughout the day. Ingredients: willow herb, hibiscus, ginger, pine needles, cloves, anise, raspberry leaf.

- Zhong Cha, Recipe 7542
Zhong Cha Sheng Puer "The Red Seal" made for CNNP company in 2003, Taiwanese storage.

- Thai Oriental Beauty
Outstanding ceremonial oolong for sophisticated tea adepts and at the same time a characteristic unforgettable experience for beginners.

- Chiang Rai Gaba Oolong
Chiang Rai Gaba Oolong is a great choice for daily tea breaks. It's a product from tea farmers from Doi Mai Salong village in Changrai district (850m altitude). Harvested in spring 2022.

- Da Jin Ya, "Big Golden Bud"
A great ceremonial tea: refined and deep, juicy and soft. It warms and relaxes the body, relieves psychological fatigue and gives rise to the sense of inner comfort.

- Solkiki Smoked Olive Wood 62
This award-winning vegan friendly dark milk chocolate from the UK's first bean-to-bar chocolate maker Solkiki is smoked with olive wood lending it a sweetly savoury dimension.

- Kad Kokoa Dark Chocolate with Inclusions - Shiso Seeds
Dark chocolate with roasted shiso seeds on the top. Single Origin Thai chocolate, locally sourced.

- Soma Old School Dark, MadagascarDairy-free, vegan-friendly chocolate as it was back in the day, just 2 ingredients—cocoa nibs and organic cane sugar—with no further processing, refining or conching, true Old School.

- Krak Chocolate - Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 2021 70%This dark chocolate comes from Kokoa Kamili - a cocoa cooperative based in Tanzania, dedicated to producing high-quality, ethically sourced cocoa beans.

- Zoto Colombia 70% dark chocolate Betulia OchoThis award-winning dark chocolate comes from Colombia, Hacienda Betulia Antioquia and has the notes of thyme, forest herbs, flowers and peanuts.

- Krak Chocolate Colombia Sierra Nevada – Melk Chocolate 55%This 55% milk chocolate is the 2021 winner of The Golden Bean award from The Academy of Chocolate. It offers a balanced combination of cocoa richness and the creamy sweetness of milk.

Chocolate and Tea Pairings Gift Set

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