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Chocolate bonbons and experiences atelier

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Artistic photo of an orange colored chocolate bonbon
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Award-winning chocolate

I’ve been making special chocolate bonbons for many years. They are beautiful, with unique flavours, and produced in tiny batches. They've won multiple international Gold awards, of which I am very proud.

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Happy Customers

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What Carambole does

Carambole skillfully uses chocolate to turn your events into memorable experiences. Are you interested in entertaining a big corporate team? Or maybe you'd like a selection of chocolate bonbons with design and filling to match the concept of your wedding or a bridal shower? How about a chocolate tasting session with drinks perfectly matched to the chocolate? No ask is too big, we can help your concept come true!

Rita, the owner of Carambole chocolate bonbons, is tempering chocolate in front of a group of people during a corporate event

Online shop

When making my chocolates, I only use ingredients of the highest quality, such as bean-to-bar chocolate from Krak, Kakao Bolaget,, Original beans, The Chocolate Tree and others. Fillings are made from organically sourced fruits, vegetables and nuts, as well as authentic spices and spirits.

Box of 8 Carambole chocolate bonbons
artistic photo of a chocolate bonbon cut in white and blaack colors


My flavour combinations are totally experimental - prepare to be surprised!

The Artist

My name is Rita and I am the owner, founder and maker of Carambole. I use elaborate ingredients, colours, flavours, textures and aromas, to craft my artisanal bonbons.

Rita the owner of Carambole is posing with the big selection of bonbons

Alexandra Mirkes

I’ve attended a workshop/tasting and it was amazing! Rita is very engaged with her craft and has deep knowledge about Bean to Bar chocolate. It was fun, informative and I’ve tasted plenty of new (for me) chocolate.

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