chocolate bonbon atelier
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The Artist


My name is Rita and I am the owner, founder and maker of Carambole. The tools I use to craft my bonbons are flavours, colours, textures, aromas and elaborate ingredients.



What is a chocolate bonbon? Just a sweet? Or is it a universe with its entire complex structure encased in a tiny shell?

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My flavour combinations are totally experimental - prepare to be surprised!



When making my chocolates, I only use ingredients of the highest quality, such as bean-to-bar chocolate from Krak, Kakao Bolaget, Hoja Verde, Original beans, The Chocolate Tree and well-sourced fruit, vegetables, and nuts, authentic spices and spirits.

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Have you ever tried making your own chocolate bar or bonbon? Private sessions with head creator Rita, where you will learn more about craft and her beautiful bonbons, are available for bookings online.

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