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Chocolate and Tea Pairing—A New Taste Journey

Updated: Feb 29

Chocolate bars with and without packaging,  dried cocoa fruit,  cocoa beans and loose leaf tea are laid out on a blue background

One day Rita, the force behind Carambole Chocolate, came over to Moychay Tea Culture Club in Amsterdam and met Sergey, its founder and tea aficionado. They were talking passionately about their own crafts and realized they could bring chocolate and tea together, pairing them in order to uncover hidden flavour nuances of these products. "It's gonna be easy!"—they thought…

Tea and chocolate may indeed seem like a simple and familiar combination— a cup of tea with a piece of supermarket chocolate is often the norm. However, such chocolates are typically all about sugar, overlooking the individual qualities of the cocoa bean. Supermarket teas follow suit—predictable, usually black, and as strong as required. The nuanced tastes in these chocolates and teas often remain undetected.

But it does not have to be like this! By choosing the right ingredients and following a few simple rules you could turn the experience of having tea with a piece of chocolate into a taste journey full of discoveries and new sensations.

The intriguing aspect of pairing tea with chocolate is that tea's warmth intensifies the chocolate flavours. Sometimes, the notes align perfectly, while other times, there's a challenge. Chocolate flavours may dominate over tea, making harmonising them a delicate task. Let's just say it was quite a workout for Rita's mind to come up with the pairs that would add a new dimension of taste experience, but it worked! Just like the pieces of a puzzle fitting together and turning into a beautiful image, the pairs will fit together and reveal their secrets.

Tea and chocolate pairing gift set

And the result of this work is in our Chocolate and Tea Pairings Gift Set—it will send you on a new taste journey! ​​This isn't merely a harmonious pairing; it's a third flavour, a distinct voyage born from the synergy of these two products that complement each other. It offers 6 types of unique teas and 6 types of rare and special bean to bar chocolate from around the globe expertly paired for you by Rita and Sergey.

Rita suggests: "Approach the tasting creatively! There are no set-in-stone rules on how to 'do it right' so feel free to follow our way or create your own—whatever lets YOU enjoy the process more!"

Click here to read about our suggested tasting method.

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