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Carambole Christmas box with 14 chocolate bonbons in 10 different flavours

Christmas box - 14 chocolate bonbons (10 flavours)

€ 35,00Price

This Carambole Christmas Box contains 14 chocolate bonbons with 10 different flavours, chef's choice. Some bonbons are limited edition and will only be available as part of this Christmas collection!

Make your order more personal by adding a signed card to your cart. You can choose yourself what is going to be written on it!

Please note in the order comments if you want me to ship on a particular date.


Terms of delivery: 

- You can order the box to be delivered by post. At the moment of order, please add a desired delivery date in the notes. 

- You can also pick it up at the De Ware Jacob Hotel in Amsterdam between December 20th and December 23d, 2023. 


Product information: 
- 14 Carambole bonbons, each bonbon weighs 8-10 grams.

- Bonbons' shelf life is 10 days after the delivery date. 


Expected to ship on December 18-19th 2023
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