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Advent Calendar "Carambole and friends" for 2 chocolate lovers

Advent Calendar "Carambole and friends" for 2 chocolate lovers

€ 123,00Price

The calendar is all about bean-to-bar chocolate, bonbons and everything around them! Expect a mixture of new Carambole bonbons and a whole world of cacao – from pulp to ceremonial cocoa. My beloved friends in the trade have joined forces, and what an ensemble cast it is: Luisa Abram, Krak, Karuna, Soma, The Chocolate tree, Solkiki, Chocomotion, Silva cacao, Marussia and others. All of them have contributed something to this beautiful box. No boring numbered compartments: the calendar will take you on a treasure hunt with riddles and fun discoveries. 


All types of chocolate are included. (Dark, Milk, White, Fruit etc etc), and half of the compartments contain Carambole bonbons, including new flavours for 2023/2024.


Note: This set is for 2 people. If you prefer to have a smaller supply, check out the smaller calendar in the shop.


Creative direction and bonbons: Rita Carambole 

Illustration: Nastya Ikusova

Design: Diana Tamarova


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