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Here Is Why You Should Visit Carambole and Krak Chocolate at Chocoa 2024

Updated: Feb 29

Golden Bonbon award from the Academy of Chocolate

Chocoa 2024 Announcement

Big news — Carambole Chocolate is attending Chocoa 2024 Chocolate Festival in Amsterdam again! For the past 5 years of Chocoa events Carambole has been a part of this experience; this time is no different, and of course I have something special prepared. Join us on February 10-11th, here you can buy the tickets to Chocoa Festival.

As you might know, I was honoured to have received multiple awards from the Academy of Chocolate in 2020, 2021 and 2023. 2021 was my biggest joyful moment because I was awarded with the Golden BonBon, not-so-humbly called the Oscar of the chocolate world. It is an award that is given out (if the Academy decides to award it at all) to only one chocolatier in the whole year. My bonbon called Dze Georgien has received this high acclaim.

Krak Chocolate, my irreplaceable partner and the source of chocolate for my bonbons, has won the Golden Bean, the brother of the Golden BonBon that same year for his Sierra Nevada 55% dark milk chocolate bar, which made us the only people in the Netherlands (and just a few in the world) owning these awards.

So we decided to collaborate on that for Chocoa 2024 and yes, we are sharing one stand this year! We are going to present our collaboration that unveils the journey from a cocoa bean to a Krak сhocolate bar, and then from the Krak chocolate bar to a Carambole bonbon. Our centrepiece features a concept that earned Carambole a Gold award in the Brand Experience category at the 2021 AoC, and it has finally come to life now.

It involves edible packaging crafted with Krak chocolate, a revolutionary idea that emerged as a solution to my aversion to plastic packaging. Instead, I envisioned creating a tray for my bonbons using chocolate, from Krak of course.

edible packaging made of craft chocolate

Inside this box, you'll find four dessert-sized, award-winning bonbons—as requested by some of you after the Advent calendar—elegantly arranged on a substantial (100g) edible tray made from Krak chocolate.

Here's a suggestion for enjoying this delightful creation: if it's a gift, savour the bonbons in the evening and leave the edible packaging for the morning to make the joy last longer.

Join us at our booth on February 10-11th at Chocoa, there will be plenty for you to experience:

World Map Puzzle Set: puzzle, poster, Krak Tanzania chocolate bar, cocoa husk tea, brochure

What is Chocoa Chocolate Festival in Amsterdam?

Chocoa is the annual event chocolate makers, patissiers, chocolate farmers and chocolate lovers alike are looking forward to. It's the biggest chocolate event of the year, a whole week of celebrating cocoa and chocolate, taking place on February 5-11th. This year it is promised to be the biggest one yet! 2,000 professionals from all over the world are coming to the event to showcase their latest achievements, set new trends, inspire each other and have fun with the peers from the industry, of course!

Over 8,000 consumers are coming to the Cocoa Festival on February 10-11th to try the finest products brought to the festival by chocolatiers from all over the world. The one thing that never ceases to fascinate the guests of the festival is the journey the cocoa bean takes to turn into a delicious chocolate bar. The festival will gladly take you on this discovery journey. Prepare to be surprised—many of the chocolates you'll see and try you may have never seen before!

Got a favourite craft chocolate brand from, say, Brazil? Big chance that this brand is created and managed by a handful of people, a family or simply just one person! The Cocoa Festival is a unique opportunity to meet the maker of your favourite chocolate, ask all the questions and try more chocolate, of course ;)

Chocoa and Beurs van Berlage

Damrak in Amsterdam, view of Beurs van Berlage building
Photo by Ruben Hanssen on Unsplash

Chocoa will be held in Beurs van Berlage (literally Berlange's fair), a historic building in the heart of Amsterdam. Designed as a commodity exchange and in use since 1903, it is currently in demand as a venue for concerts, exhibitions and conferences. Official ceremonies at the highest level were taking place there, too! For instance, the civil ceremony of the wedding of King Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta in 2002.

A few symbols still remind of the original use of this building—like the statue of a charging bull on Beursplein, quite similar to the one on Wall Street in New York. It's seen as a symbol of financial optimism and prosperity. Fun fact—the one in Amsterdam was placed there without notice or permit back in 2012 by an artist who meant it as a symbolic gesture of support to the financial markets that were in crisis. Naturally, the municipality was not enthused but after long consultations the bull was allowed to keep standing, however it had to be moved to the side of the square.

We really hope to see you there!

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